The mission of the Lancaster Agricultural Research Station is to facilitate research and educational programs to enhance profitable and environmentally sound agricultural and natural resource systems and practices appropriate for producers and rural landowners on the non-glacial soils of the upper Midwest. The station is part of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison and works in partnership with UW Extension/ Cooperative Extension and other collaborative institutions.


  • To facilitate research in:
    • Water quality, soil conservation, and no-till production systems
    • Production systems for efficient beef cattle production
    • Crop rotations, legume and manure nutrient crediting, and applied agronomic studies
    • Manure management and water quality
    • Economic evaluation of production systems
    • Intensive rotational grazing
  • To develop the Lancaster Research Station as a regional center for agro/environmental research.
  • To improve outreach efforts and communicate research information effectively to major client groups.